🌟 Use Cases

Easily drive website traffic to your online assets. Here's some ideas.


Blog posts

Quickly get exposure and readers to your new blog posts from your website.



Simplest way to drive traffic on your website to your Youtube videos. See it in action.


Event registrations

Finally be able to fill up your events with the help of your website.


Sales demos

Easily nudge targeted website visitor to sign up for sales demos.



Simplest way to promote your relevant giveaways and coupons.



Notify and subscribe website visitors to your upcoming webinars.


New product features

Easily tell your website audience about your newest product additions.


Hiring pages

Drive more job applicants by exposing your open positions through Magnify.



Magnify is also the simplest and quickest way to get more relevant survey responses.

Easily unlock new marketing channel - your website!

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